Divorce Services for Mediators & Attorneys

Divorce financial consulting for family law attorneys and mediators.
When your client better understands their financial situation and can see how various options affect them now and in the future, they will make better decisions, more quickly with a higher level of satisfaction.

Video: Factors Complicating Divorce

Video: Factors Complicating Divorce

Family Law Attorneys

For attorneys, Aspire Divorce Solutions ensures you have the right data and exhibits to present a powerful case on behalf of your client. We can work with you to provide:

  • Exhibits that illustrate income available for Maintenance
  • Actuarially sound pension valuations
  • Calculations for separating a 401k
  • Separate Property Tracing
  • QDRO facilitation
  • Lifestyle spending analysis
See our Limited Scope Services for additional details and prices we offer.


Your clients may struggle to make final decisions when they do not have the financial knowledge to make a good decision and move forward. Aspire Divorce Solutions can be a resource to educate your clients about the complexities of their situation and answers to some of your clients’ common questions.

See the Limited Scope Services for services and prices we offer.

Collaborative Divorce

Julie is trained in collaborative divorce and will provide clear information and creative options for your clients’ situations. As part of the collaborative team, she will:

  • Securely gather all financial data
  • Understand both clients’ financial concerns and goals
  • Educate clients on concepts as necessary while working to balance both parties’ knowledge
  • Create options and strategies including the impact of taxes and inflation
  • Provide reports and graphic illustrations

Limited Scope Services

For attorneys and mediators, we are happy to provide the following limited scope services:

Pension Valuation

$250 flat fee

Executive Compensation Valuation

$225 per hour
(Includes: restricted stock, employee stock options, RSUs, ISOs, and NQs)

401(k) Community Property Valuation

$225 per hour
(Important if the 401k was started prior to marriage)

Lifestyle Analysis

$225 per hour
(Critical for business owners who filter expenses through their business and need an accurate statement of real earnings to determine maintenance and/or income levels)

Post-Divorce Transition Assistance

$225 per hour
(Includes account transfer and consolidation, property settlement transfers, divorce planning and guidance)

Maintenance Buyout Calculations

$150 flat fee

(When maintenance is agreed to but one party would prefer a lump-sum payment up front or a combination of maintenance and lump sum)

Administrative Time: $100 per hour

QDRO (Split Retirement Plans): *$625

*We do not prepare QDROs. We do facilitate Qualified Domestic Relations Orders with a partner attorney at a flat fee of $625.

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